Girls’ Session –Worth and Identity

Session will look at our Worth and Identity – what shapes and influences us. Session will also look at the issue of self-worth and how we see ourselves.

  • Raft Game
  1.  Read out the instructions at the top of the exercise sheet.
  2. In groups discuss the possibilities of who will be left on the raft.
  3. After 10-15 minutes, finalise who you are going to eject from the raft or who will be given surgery. In your group you must agree of each decision.

The Raft

A ship is wrecked in the middle of the ocean, thousands of miles from land. There are no immediate chances of rescue.

15 people are still alive and they manage to make a raft; because of the lack of time and equipment, the raft is only big enough to support 9 survivors.

You have to decide which 6 of those listed you have to dispose of, you are not one of the survivors, and no one is allowed to hang onto the raft.

  1. A crippled boy, paralysed since birth.  The boy cannot use his hands, must be fed by others because he can do nothing for himself.
  2. A doctor, a general practitioner.  He is nervous because he is a drug addict.  Age 60.
  3. A married couple:  a. building worker, drinks a lot, age 27.  b.woman, housewife, 2 children at home, age 23.
  4. A Preacher.  Age 27
  5. A restaurant owner, married with 3 children at home.  Age 43.
  6. A prostitute, no parents.  She already saved a drowning child and is an excellent nurse.  Age 36.
  7. A teacher, considered one of the best teachers in his city.  Married.  Age 32
  8. A criminal, male, charged with murder.  He is the only one capable of navigating the raft.
  9. A nun.  Head teacher in a girls school.  Age 46.
  10. A man, mentally disturbed, who carries important government secrets in his head.
  11. A beggar, formerly professor of literature.  He has a great sense of humour, showed great courage in the last war and was in a concentration camp for 3 years.  Age 53.
  12. A salesman, sells automatic washers, and is a member of the British Legion.  Age 51.
  13.  A young married couple, deeply in love, but no children yet.  They are both citizens of China.  a) man studying to be a pharmacist.  Age 24  b)woman, housewife, helps with kindergarten.  Age 21.

Discussion Using Scribble Sheets:

How do you decide how much someone is worth?
Where does our worth come from?
How much are youth worth? Who are you most valuable to?
Are some people more valuable than others? Who? Why?

  • Identity


Toy Story – Andy written on bottom of Woody’s shoe

Woody’s identity was wrapped up in who he belonged to. It was stamped on him! Our identity maybe isn’t a brand stamped on us, but what is it made up of?

Discussion Using Scribble Sheets:

What is identity?
Where do we get our identity from?

  • Film Clip

High School Musical Lunch Room Scene where students’ hidden gifts and passions are revealed.

Some of the students were hiding their true identity for fear of what others might thank and say. We sometimes try to be someone we’re not. We want to fit in and be accepted. But who are we underneath?

But what happens where we take all the things that make up our identity away? Who are you left with? Where will your identity and worth come from then?

It’s not found solely in where we’re from, from what we wear, who we are friends with, who we’re dating or what we do in our spare time. All of these things can change or be stripped away fairly easily. Perhaps our identity and worth can be found in something or someone much bigger and much more constant. Something for you to think about…

Clay Modelling

Ask each person to model and create an object of their own and then describe to the rest of the group what it represents.

Each creation is unique and individual. My creation may not mean anything or be of any worth to you, but because I made it, it has worth and becomes precious to me.

Discussion using scribble sheets:

Some people don’t feel that they are unique, individual, loved and worth something. Can you think of any reasons why this might be the case?

Maybe you’ve felt that way but what has happened in the past doesn’t need to rule out future. You’re an amazing person with lots of to offer the world. You have unique gifts, abilities, talents and you do have a purpose.


Ask each person to make a handprint poster and writing 3 positive things to describe themselves on it. Leaders can offer encouragement during this activity, picking up on the positives they have seen.

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