Quiz: Social Network Logos – Hand out the social network logos and ask the young people to name the social network that matches the logo.

Quiz: Social-Network-Quiz

(Answers: Column 1: Last.fm, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr. Column 2: Foursquare, Bebo, Myspace, Blogger, Snapchat, Deviant Art, Column 3: Picasa, Flickr, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)

Discuss: Get the young people to go into 2/3′s and discuss: Which of those social networks are you on? Are there others? What do you like about them? What don’t you like?

Group: Bring the small groups back together and briefly feedback…if you wanted to you could use flip chat to write down the things they like and dislike about social networks.

Video – BlimeyCow – Ten things to think about before you post online

Video: 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Posting Online

Discuss: What did you think of the video? Did anything stand out? Did you relate to any of it? Has anyone hurt you by something they’ve put online?

Explain: Social networks are great for keeping in contact with people, sharing our lives and even (if done safely) making new friends but they can also be really easy places to react to things, post things without thinking and potentially hurt people. It’s important that we think about what we post…and even how private your online life is…universities, colleges and potential employers search for people online!

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