What Would Scottish independence look like?

Young people draw their responses

What would Scotland look like if they stayed part of the union?

Young people draw their responses

A to Z

Split participants into two groups and have each group the letters A to Z down the side of a large sheet of paper. Give the groups 5 minutes to write down words connected to the theme of Scottish Independence for each letter of the alphabet.

Poster Writing

This activity works best if participants are sitting down around a table. Once participants have completed their AtoZ each young person chooses a word or phrase that they like most and then they write a sentence or statement about the word on a separate sheet of plain paper. Encourage participants to keep it short and positive.

Then everyone passes their sheet of paper to the person on their left-hand side who add their own comments to the words/theme. The sheets of paper continue to be passed around the group until the sheets are covered in comments. Participants can add anything they want to the sheets of paper essentially building up a conversation between ideas and thoughts.

Once this is completed participants choose their favourite words and phrases by circling the texts they like with different coloured pens.

For each participants’ sheet select the most commonly circled phrase or collection of words.  These are then used as the basis of discussion surrounding the theme of Scottish Independence and what young people want to say about a particular aspect e.g about Scotland keeping or losing the pound, or 16+ getting the chance to vote in the referendum)

Click here for a Video Tutorial

Below are some examples of posters created using this session plan.

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