There are moments in life where you remember exactly where you were when news of great suffering breaks. Today’s events in Brussels brought back memories of the Paris attacks and how the indiscriminate acts of terror in the French capital brought the world to a standstill.

Today like then leaders have been quick to talk about being at  war against terror. But there is another way!

One news item stood out among the many hours of news coverage and that was the powerful response of Antoine Leiris whose wife was a victim in the attacks.

We might not always know why things happen the way they do but how we respond to the situations we face is important. Finding a practical outlet for our feelings and emotions is crucial; Job ripped his clothes and shaved his hair, Antoine Leiris penned a letter.

As a response to the video invite   members of the group to light a candle – you could play some gentle music in the background. As they do so encourage them to think about a form of suffering in the world, a situation they are going through, or perhaps someone they know. They might want to say their own silent prayer but once everyone has lit a candle you could close with a short prayer.

For those who suffer and those who cry this day,
give relief from all that they carry Lord.
Let them experience your true peace.
Love them when others cannot.
Hold them when human arms fail.
Hear their prayers,
and let them hear Your Word of Peace in their lives.


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