A few weeks ago I was at my godson’s birthday party. He just turned 4! I watched him as he opened his all the presents.  He’d pick a gift – eagerly tear off all the paper and excitedly play with his new toy. When he got bored he’d move on to the next present…play for a while…then move on to the next gift.

Fast forward a few hours and all his newly opened toys were lying across the floor and wee David was happily playing inside a box that one of his presents came in.

Hours passed…and he was still playing in the box.

  • Why are you sitting in a box I asked him….It’s not a box he said it’s a racing car!
  • What you doing on top of the box I asked…it’s not a box he said it’s a really big mountain!
  • Now why are you wearing the box I asked…it’s not a box he said it’s a super robot he replied.
  • Why are you still playing with that old box I asked…it’s not a box he explained it’s a pirate ship

A little imagination goes a long way…

I don’t know what you see when you look at this box…maybe you see a spaceship, a racing car or a super robot. Maybe you just see an old tatty box.

And when you look at yourself in the mirror – I wonder who or what you see staring back. Good looking? Charming?Do you see all the things you’re not good at or struggle with, the labels people have given you, the labels you’ve given yourself or all the times you’ve felt not good enough.

Some businesses pay thousands of pounds for what they call ‘out of the box thinking’ but sometimes our best thinking happens inside the box.

{Step inside the box or maybe have one of the young people step inside the box} Just when you think you know something you have to look at it from another view. The world looks very different from inside the box.  Even though it might seem silly…but inside the box we can be anyone or anywhere we want to be.

George Lucas – the creator of Star Wars – said “You can’t do it unless you imagine it!”

So I invite you to imagine – imagine how this week might be different if we live our hopes and not our fears, knowing that we are held in holy hands by a love that will never let us go.

A little imagination goes a long way…

(Adapted from and inspired by Antoinette Portis’ book Not a Box)


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