If you’re looking for a few ideas to begin involving children and young people in photography more, here are six creative photography projects and ideas to get you started.

1) Photo Collages

Turn your photos into a hands-on project! Choose a theme, and photograph items that fall into whatever it is you choose. Some ideas to get you started could be: objects that begin with a certain letter, shapes, or colours. When you’re done, print out the images and glue them onto paper or canvas to create a photographic work of art that can proudly be displayed.

2) Happy Accidents

Get out of the mind-set of perfection and practice creative composition with this one. Spend an afternoon snapping photos without using the viewfinder! Close your eyes, frame your shot, point, and click. Everyone will be surprised by how, even without trying, you can still get accidental shots that look great.

3) Time Capsule Treasures

Set out to make a time capsule of images with your group. List out together some of the fun things you want to remember about the group eg. Your favourite games to play, places to go, people to see, or achievements made. Once you have your list, snap photos of each of these items. Print the images and place them in a sealed envelope. Five, 10, or 20 years from now, get that envelope of photos and open it up!

4) Gratitude Challenge

On the days where everyone is grumpy, turn the mood around by going on a gratitude walk. Think of things that make you all smile and set out to photograph them. It’s a great way to shift the mood in the group, find a change of pace, and focus on the positive parts of life.

5) Neighbourhood Tour

Take a trip out with your group around your neighbourhood to photograph your home, town, school, playground grocery store, post office, etc. Add in any photos of their favourite things to do, people to play with, or childhood treasures. Compile all the images together. Could lead into a discussion about how the local area has changed.

6) Photo Art

Transform your images into works of art, using off the wall creative editing techniques. PicMonkey.com allows kids to easily edit and transform their images. They can play with layering techniques, add in their own digital painting over top of an image, apply filters to give their images a watercolor or comic book type look and feel, or add in doodles and clip art to create digital stories, cards, or posters. Lots of opportunities to let your group’s imagination run wild!

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