A poem by Mr Gee called ‘Hoods’.

Are young people really as bad as the media makes out? Are they any different from previous generations? A poem by Mr Gee.

To Hood!
Or not to Hood!
That is the question.
Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows for wearing such an outrageous fashion statement.
Now that is perplexing.

You’ve got good hoods.
Bad Hoods.
From Boy-hood to Man-hood.
Happy Hoods!
Sad Hoods.
Shopping centres banned hoods.

Was Robin Hood just some chavey bloke who was misunderstood?
Or should his merry men be handed out ASBO’s for being up to no good?
Obi Wan Konobi’s hood
Cotton hoods
Forgotten hoods.
The likelihood of being searched and stopped in hoods.

If a hoodie receives a text in the middle of the forest with no credit to his name, does anyone hear his ringtone?
Prestigious hoods
Ski holiday, alpine slope exquisite hoods.
It’s time to revisit hoods.

Your cheap labour lives in hoods.
That’s why every city, town and village is built with hoods.
Hood? The choice of the new generation?
Or perhaps it’s just another overused fashion statement.

By comparison is it really so bad when we review down the ages
And see all the fads that people had in their youths as teenagers

Hmmmm….Let’s see
Punks walked freely with chains and spikes
Skinheads had steal toe-capped boots neatly laced up tight
Bikers sported leather jackets with skulls emblazoned on the back
New Romantics had huge shoulder pads like they were braced for attack
Are you trying to tell me that the hoodie looks more dangerous than that?

The fact is that the young will always want to rebel against the old
And the old ones don’t wanna see the young ones spiral out of control.
Both are right
Both are wrong
Both are playing a roll
But I bet you both would like a nice warm hoodie whenever the weather turns cold!

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