Secret Emotions

Each person is given a ‘secret’ emotion to adopt for the next five minutes. Ask them to describe the past week, but in the style of their emotion.

Angry, Happy, Afraid, Excited, Confused, Sad, Stressed, Jealous, Shocked, Calm, Hurt, Lonely, In Love, Thankful, Thrilled.

Discussing using Scribble Sheets

How do we know what people are feeling besides what they say? How can we read others face accurately and know how they feel? What emotions are the most difficult to read? What emotions are the easiest to read?

We’ve been created with the ability to experience emotion – but we’ve not been made to be controlled by them. As girls we can have strong emotional reactions to circumstances. But it’s no fun going through life feeling you’re out of control and on an emotional roller coaster.

Name That Feeling

Read out the following situations. For each one ask the girls what they might feel and what they would want to do. E.g. mum complains about their room, they feel mad, and want to tell her off.

Parents complain about school grades Someone starts spreading rumours about you at school You get an email from a long distance friend Your friend says they like your new top A guy makes a derogatory comment about you A teacher compliments your work at school A teacher gives you an unfair grade You’re excludes from a big party or social event

Discussion using Scribble Sheets

In your experience do females tend to be the more emotional? Why? Can you think of examples of time when you have experienced strong positive/negative emotions? How did you act? Looking back would you do anything differently now? How could a person who experiences strong emotions make a rational and wise decision?

Film Clip

Sleepless in Seattle: Suzi gets emotional talking about Cary Grant movie.


Do women really get this emotional over things like a film? Have you ever gotten emotionally involved in a film, TV show or book? Describe your experience. Have you ever found yourself watching a certain film etc over and over just to experience the same emotion again? How do the guys you know view a woman’s emotions? In your experience are female emotions confusing to men? Explain.

Individual Activity

Individually think of 3 times when your emotions got the best of you and you reacted without thinking about the consequences. Thank of 3 times when your emotions were strong, but you managed to control them (which isn’t the same as hiding them).

This provides an opportunity to feedback and discuss as a group.