Game: Knowing Me Knowing You

Ask the girls to find a partner that they think knows them the best in the group. The game tests how well friends know each other. Can their partner answer these answers correctly?

  • What is their favourite restaurant?
  • What is their favourite album?
  • What was their most embarrassing moment?
  • What is their biggest talent?
  • If they could be a famous celebrity who would they be?
  • Where would their ideal holiday be?
  • If they could have a superpower for a day what would they choose to have?

Create Your Ideal Friend

Using flipchart paper and post it notes create an ideal best friend.

What do you look for in a best friend? What characteristics do they have? What wouldn’t you like to see in a friend? How do we demonstrate genuine friendship?

Friends Timeline

Each person to complete a timeline of their friends.

What similarities can you see between your choice of friends? What changes do you see in you friendships as you’ve grown older? Advantages/Disadvantages of having one best friend? Have you ever had to end a friendship or have you been dropped as a friend?R

Reflection: Masks

Share the poem ‘Please Hear What I’m Not Saying’ by Charles Finn.

Masks Poem

Some of the masks that we might wear…

Newspaper – exaggerate, people wouldn’t accept the truth
Glossy – I’m OK, keeping up appearances
Foil – ice cool/hard, no one allowed to get close
Toilet paper – worth nothing Brown paper – plain and boring

Who are we under the masks? Friends need to accept us for who we are. We will all fall and let each other down at times in our friendships – how do we handle it?

Is there someone much bigger who could give us a real, genuine friendship that will never fail or let us down; the ultimate friendship? Someone who would score 100% on a friendship test and always be there no matter what?