Examine the following pieces of art and discuss the questions

Avril Paton – Windows in the West



What’s the first thing you notice?

Where and when is the scene set?

Is it a realistic scene?

From whose perspective are you looking?

What might the people looking out the window see?


Salvador Dali – Jesus on the Cross



What is the first thing you notice?

Is it a realistic scene?

What do you think the artist is trying to say?

Where is the scene at the bottom of the painting?

When we look at a piece of artwork we bring a lot of our own ideas to it. A person from Glasgow will view Windows in the West very differently to someone from America. Similarly the author will put their own impression on their art, just like Dali including his own town in the bottom of the picture of Jesus on the cross.

Bible: Perspectives and Viewpoints

Look at different accounts of the Easter story and find the differences between the different accounts.

  • Matthew 27: 32- Matthew 28: 10
  • Mark 15: 21 – Mark 16:8
  • Luke 23:26 – Luke 24: 6
  • John 19:16 – John 20:10


Did Jesus carry his own cross?

What time did the crucifixion take place?

What was the last thing Jesus said?

Who went to the tomb?

Do all accounts mention darkness?

Who appeared at the Tomb?

Do the accounts contradict each other? What are the contradictions?

Why are they different?

Are the authors of each of the accounts attempting to do different things?


Rewrite the events of Easter imagining you are compiling accounts of Jesus for people in 21st Century Scotland. Which symbols and ideas would you use to convey your message?

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