I’ve never got round to watching Game of Thrones but I’ve seen this image countless times. It’s striking and attention grabbing but I’ve never really looked at in much detail.

In the reflection of the crown you can see a battle being fought. The crown is now in new hands; hands more familiar with toil and hard graft. The hands not of a wealthy and powerful king, but if the scars and dirt behind the nails are anything to go by the hands of an ordinary worker.

The poster shows the end of one regime and the beginning of another. The crown being held aloft in victory. But this new found symbolic power is being held tightly.

The pursuit of power involves much violence and spilled blood.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ but perhaps with great power comes great opposition. Perhaps the former king mistreated his subjects and the people rebelled.

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely. But the Easter story reveals a different approach to power. Looking more closely at it the crown resembles the crown of thorns won by Jesus. Jesus who turns everything on its head; a ‘king’ who rides into town on a donkey rather than a stallion, a rabbi who washes his disciples feet and a saviour who embraces the vulnerability of the cross. A king who doesn’t grip onto power and privilege but who embraces sacrifice with outstretched hands.

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