Fair Share

Assign everyone in the group a role in the cocoa-trading chain. (Farmer, Cocoa buyers, Importer, Chocolate company, Shops, Government.)

Discuss what might be involved at each stage in the production of chocolate. Ask each group to decide how much of the cost of a chocolate bar (£1) should come to them. Each group then presents their suggestions. Add up the total.

The total is likely to exceed £1, in which case each group should rethink their costs and suggest another figure. Give them the actual amounts (contained on info sheet) and discuss how each group feels. Is it fair?

The Chocolate Trade Game

Before the game: Introduce the subject of the cocoa trading chain by talking about chocolate. How many of the group eat chocolate and why? How much do they eat? How many of the group don’t eat chocolate and why? Think of words to describe chocolate, such as delicious or creamy.

Ask children what they think chocolate is made of. Talk about the ingredients.

Divide the group into 10 teams and assign roles. Explain that they will be taking part in a game about buying and selling chocolate. The facilitator should note the season cards and at the appropriate time has to read these out. The game will take an hour to play.

How to Play the Game : Chocolate Game Instructions

Role Play Cards: Chocolate Game Role Play

Follow Up Discussion

Which group made the most money?

Ask the journalists to report back on what they saw happening during the game.

Ask each group what their biggest problem was.

Did anyone join with another group? Who did? Why? How? What happened?

When the world price of cocoa dropped what effect did it have on:

  • producers?
  • chocolate companies?
  • supermarkets?
  • shoppers?

How did the shoppers’ choices affect:

  • producers?
  • chocolate companies?
  • supermarkets?

Did the supermarkets make any profit?

  • how much profit?
  • how did they make their profit?

Who had the power in the chain?

What difference does fair trade make?

Additional Activities

Create an Advert: In groups, design an advertising campaign for either Divine or Dubble chocolate. Each group can choose to design either a poster, radio or TV ad for the chocolate, including information on fair trade. They could also plan where to place the posters and when to run the advertisements.

Write about it: Each group should also plan a letter to the managers of local shops and supermarkets persuading them to stock fair-trade chocolate and other goods.

Stock it: If your school or group has a tuck shop try to persuade the people in charge of it to stock fair-trade chocolate and other fair-trade snacks.

Doubley divine: Have samples of Divine and Dubble chocolate, the two chocolate bars made from cocoa from the Kuapa Kokoo Cooperative. If appropriate, and being aware of any food allergies children may have, give each child a small piece to taste. Ask for their comments. This could be carried out as a blind taste activity with ordinary milk chocolate.

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