Assembly – Community and Compassion

Like many people I was excited to hear that Still Game will be returning to our TV screens for another new series. The last series of the Craiglang Comedy drew record viewing figures of around 3.2million across the UK.

Many have attempted to explain the success of the show but for me it’s to do with the strength of community and the bond between the characters. There’s something about the way Jack, Victor, Isa, Tam, Winston and the gang treat one another. Even in amongst all the banter.

Here’s a few clips…

I think Lorraine Kelly summed it up really well when she spoke about the community spirit and everyone looking out for one another. If you’ve ever seen an episode you’ll know that there at times when not all the characters get on with one another…Winston trying to fast forward Isa to the point of her story, Jack and Victor burning Boaby the barman. But when the chips are down and things get difficult everyone in Craiglang is there for one another; there is more that unites them that divides them.

And that’s true for all of us that are part of this community.

If we pay attention to one another we recognise that. Being present and paying attention to one another opens us to true compassion.

Sometimes we can think of compassion as a gift that we either have or we don’t. If we haven’t we’re out of luck.

Or we can think of compassion as some kind of emotional reaction that spontaneously erupts out of us…like we have no control over it.

I like to think of compassion as a natural result of actually paying attention to those around us. That means everyone one of us can show compassion; we can continually develop and cultivate it.

So I want you to look at the person sitting beside you. Pay close attention…have a good look –and know that:

We all have a life
A story – that plays out in public and behind the scenes
Changing moods
Things that we wait in anticipation for and we are excited about
And worries and fears that we carry around like a heavy schoolbag

We are a strong community
And we have more that unites us than divides us.

So may you be compassionate and present for one another.
May you find somebody that needs what you have only to discover that they have what you needed all along. Amen

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