We are in a unique position after the events of Remembrance. What filled our screens and facebook feeds over the past few days has quickly been replaced with the Christmas adverts for the major stores and shops. We’ve taken off our poppies and already we begin to look towards the excitement of Christmas.

You might have seen this ad on TV recently – it portrays the ceasefire that took place between the troops on Christmas Eve 1914.

Is peace possible?

The joy of the ceasefire is quickly replaced again with the noise of shells and warfare. However the relationships and bonds forged as soldiers lay down their weapons continued in the minds and hearts of those involved; forever changed no longer seeing the world in the black and white terms of friend or foe.

War can rage on the outside and it can rage on the inside too but peace IS possible. Although it may only be momentary and brief. As we saw in the advert peace often involves one person stepping out, letting go of fear and embracing sacrifice.

Could you be that person?
What situations could you affect change in?
What might peace look like in your own life?
Are there fears that you need to let go of?

Now go forth into this day – to live your hopes and not your fears, knowing you are held in holy hands by a love that will never let you go!

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