Introductory Reflection

Compassion – Click for Powerpoint Slides. Show these when the pupils begin to gather before the assembly.

Video: Connor’s Story

Some thoughts

To be compassionate we start with what we have to give where we are – in the video the wrestlers simply gave their time and their attention.

Compassion isn’t about some outlandish or overly generous thing that we do – but it starts just by turning up.

I thought what Connor’s story also showed is that often we can make the mistake of thinking that when we show compassion we’re giving something to someone else. But a lot of the time we receive something back that is far greater.

I guess it’s easy to look around and thing about everything we don’t have. It can be hard keeping up sometimes…latest phone, the most fashionable clothes, or the latest must have item. But when we encounter someone like Connor, when we show compassion we’re reminded of all that we do have. All the small stuff that’s all too easy to overlook.

So as a school community, and individually what are our opportunities to show compassion?

What are the situations that we can make a difference just by turning up?

And what might we receive in return when we show compassion?

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