Choose two volunteers who are about the same weight and similar strength. (For the purpose of explaining the illustarion, we’ll call them Jack and Gill.)

Jack and Jill stand facing each other, with a rubber ring between them – they each hold on to the ring with one hand, leaving their other hand free to reach out behind them.

Ask an adult leader/volunteer to stand about two metres behind Jack, holding a bowl containing three sweets for him. Ask a second leader to stand about two metres behind Jill, again holding a bowling containing the same number of sweets.

Tel Jack and Jill that they have 30 seconds to get as many sweets as possible out of their own bowl. They are only allowed to collect one sweet at a time, so each time they get one, they have to return to the centre point.

Jack and Jill will automatically think that this means tug of war and will pull against each other. The 30 seconds will probably pass very quickly with Jack and Jill struggling to get even one of their sweets, let alone all three!

When they have failed, tell them that it is possible for them both to managed to get all three of their sweets. How is this possible? The clue is that Jack and Jill moved together in the same direction, taking turns to travel together to each other’s bowl, the goal can be achieved. Let them try again, this time working together and traveling in the same direction.


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