For a recent children’s talk at church, I used a magic colouring book to talk about how sometimes we compare ourselves unfavorably with others and how we have a blank canvas to choose the type of life we want for ourselves. The book is available to purchase at Amazon

What really allows simple tricks like this one stand out is the story that you attach to it. In truth it can really be anything.

For the children’s talk, I said something like…

One of the things that I got for Christmas was this colouring book. The person that gave it to me said she thought I’d appreciated it because youth workers apparently never really grow up! There was a slight problem with the book though…all the pictures had already been coloured in. (Show coloured pages)

Just my luck someone else getting to have all the fun!

I wonder if you ever look at someone else and think their lives seem way more colourful than your own.  Maybe they have a bigger house, a faster car or more exotic holidays.

In truth I think there are times when we’ve all felt like that; like we’re missing something that others’ have – times when we feel plain or ordinary in comparison. (Show outlined pages)

Life is a gift and whatever we create or decisions we make along the way we’re always assured of a fresh start and new beginning with God.   (Show blank pages)

Our group seemed to really engage with this as an object lesson. In recent months I’ve been using quite a few simple magic tricks in my work with children and young people. The bonus is that it can be easily adapted to different contexts that you might work in.

Leave a comment below if you’ve used some magic for object lessons or children’s talks; or share how you might adapt the magic colouring book to suit a different theme.

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