This is a script for a children’s talk adapted from Rob Bell’s book Drop Like Stars. I gave each child a bar of soap at the beginning of the talk.

Some artists were given bars of soap (just like the ones you’re holding) with the challenge of seeing what they could create with it.

I wanted to show you some photos of the things that they made and created…

  • An Owl
  • A face
  • Two rings joined together
  • A bird
  • A small rabbit
  • Some fingers
  • An Xbox controller

I wonder which object was your favourite. All these items – were already inside the soap waiting to be discovered and let out. All the sculptors did was remove and take away.

Our lives are a bit like the bar of the soap. There endless possibilities are hidden under layers of fear or worry or trying to please other people. We are like artists creating something beautiful with our lives – it’s less about what we add and more about what we take away. More about what we give than what we take. I wonder what you’d choose to take away or leave behind?

So I have a challenge for you…I wonder what you would create with your bar of soap. What is hiding waiting to be released? Maybe you could work on it over this next week and bring it back to show us what you’ve made.

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