Like many churches, the congregation I work for follows the Lectionary each week. From time to time it can through up a difficult passage or two. The first Sunday that I was there I had a passage about divorce. I found it difficult to know where to begin and how to approach the topic sensitively.

For this kid’s talk, I used the Giant Jenga game to talk generally about suffering and where God is when we have our most difficult times.

Ask for some volunteers who’d like to play a game of Giant Jenga. Although it might take a while to complete the congregation will stay engaged as the tower is built higher and there is the inevitable wobble. Let the volunteers play until the tower crashes.

Say something like:

Life is a lot like Giant Jenga. Each of us tries our best to aim high and build successful lives. But along the way, we will have a wobble or two when things don’t go to plan. Most of the time these wobbles won’t stop us from living life to the full and we continue to build our lives. However, each of us will also face times when it feels like everything comes crashing around us.  We might lose a loved one, we might fail an important test at school, or our parents might not be getting on. Where is God in the midst of all this and Why does he let us suffer? Believing in God isn’t a guaranteed that we will avoid suffering. But faith gives us the hope that God will be with us helping us to rebuild and piece our lives back together.

At this point, you could invite the volunteers to rebuild the tower again.


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