Reflection – Faces of Jesus

I often wonder what Jesus actually looked like. Not surprisingly in the West we are used to seeing a Jesus that closely resembles the way we do. It’s not just his appearance but his personality and characteristics are often shaped by the dominant culture.

The director of the film Jesus of Nazareth once said,

“So many people have created Jesus in their own image for the last 2,000 years that finding the original one is complicated. I’m reading the Gospels at the moment and I can find no evidence of the kind of Jesus people seem to have invented and created. There is no evidence of him as meek and mild. I can find the compassionate Jesus, the gentle man, but I also find a very temperamental, aggressive, passionate and often angry man a lot of the time.”

Show a variety of pictures and representations of Jesus – e.g. Black Jesus, to Gay Jesus, Female Jesus, Japanese Jesus. This works best if you are able to show a number of contrasting images. There are a collection of images available here.

I wonder which pictures you like?

I wonder if there were any pictures you don’t like?

I wonder if we’d be the people cheering him on and listening to his stories or if we’d be the ones complaining and saying something needed to be done about him.

I wonder what we’d see when looking at Jesus.

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