Below is a short script I used for a recently children’s talk during the church service. How do we live life in all its fullness? What might guide us? Whose advice might we listen to?

Does anyone here like cake? What is your favourite kind of cake? I love cake and I would like to bake one for you! (Take out cake mix.)

This is going to be the most delicious cake ever! It says to empty the cake mix into a large bowl. (Rip open the box and pour the contents into the bowl) Now it says to add in 2 eggs. (Take the eggs shall and all and smash it into the bowl.)

Next it says to add in some sugar. I have have any of that, but I’m sure that salt would be fine instead. (Dump in some salt).

Let’s see, now it says to add in some flower. I don’t have any but I found this white powder in my cupboard and home so I guess I can add that. (Dump in the baking soda.)

Then it says add in oil and a little water and stir, but I don’t have any water but I do have some vinegar. I love putting oil and vinegar on a salad so they are probably the same. (Pour in some vinegar and stir as the reaction occurs.) I don’t have any chocolate powder…but I do have some brown sauce. They’re both the same colour so we’ll probably be alright….

Would anyone like to come and be my taster?

Oh no! This is a huge mess! I don’t understand what went wrong! I guess I didn’t follow the instructions very well.

I’m not very good at making cakes am I?

Sometimes I find it difficult to follow the recipe. Sometimes I think I know best and don’t listen to anyone else’s advice. And I end up making a mess of things.

It’s the same with life sometimes. We don’t always do what we’re told or do what we should and it can get us into trouble.

That’s one of the reasons we come to church and listen to stories from the Bible…so we can learn how to live life in all its fullness.

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