This is a simple object lesson to teach children the importance and value of the community. We are stronger together and we can achieve more together than we can individually.


Begin by calling an older child to the front. Ask them to hold two bibles with their arms outstretched.

Give them a few seconds to feel the weight and ask them if this is getting hard. The delay is key to making the task harder with fewer books. If they are ready for more, carefully place another book on the stack. Repeat this process until the books slide off or they struggle to hold the books up. Be sure to catch the books to prevent injury. Most kids will lose the balance of the books and they will slide off.

Invite another child to try this “strong” test. This will work best if you choose one of the smaller/younger children. Always congratulate them for the effort, but remark how hard it must be to keep adding weight.

How does it feel holding up all those books on your own?

Explain the point, “There are times in life when it feels easy and everything is going to plan. Then there are other times when it feels like we are carrying the weight of the world and we struggle to keep everything together. Church is at it’s best when it’s a group of people who share and support one another. Let’s get some helpers to try our hard task together.”

Invite the younger child to try the task again but this time with the older child standing behind giving support to the younger participants hands. They should be able to hold more books together.

How does it feel holding all those books together?

Remark how it can still be hard but much easier than doing it alone.

From a visual point of view the young people will be in a cross shape with their arms outstretched.

This object lesson deals with a common error we all make when thinking about the church. Often we can think of it as another place we go rather than seeing church as a group of friends who spend time together and support one another.

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