Children’s Talk: The Power of Believing

This was the script I used for a recent children’s talk. I’ve been keen for quite a while to incorporate simple magic tricks. Feel free to use/adapt/make your own.

When I was younger I was fascinated by a TV magician called The Great Suprendo. Thinking back now he only really seemed to do the same trick…he’d tear a sheet of newspaper into lots and lots of pieces and then magically put it back together again. As the excited 8 year old that I was…I truly believed in magic.

I’d even go around the house using the Great Suprendo magic words PIFF PUFF POOF in the hope that I’d be able to do magic too.

There was something special in not knowing how the trick was done. It creates excitement and intrigue and leaves open the opportunity that anything is possible. It leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

I guess nowadays if we want to find something out we just search on the internet… ‘What Does Google Say?’ Seconds later we find the answer. We are surrounded by smart devices…phones, smart watches and even smart kettles.

Maybe not having all the answers is okay
Maybe the key is to be open minded and accept that anything is possible…

So the next time you see a magic trick maybe the person really is magic
Or the next time you see a beautiful sunset maybe that the universe does have a grand designer
Or the next time you look in the mirror realising that you are special and loved by God

So only one question remains…did I ever manage to master the Great Suprendo’s trick?

Finish off by performing the trick. A easy to follow tutorial for the trick can be found here:

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