This is the third post in a series of children’s sessions journeying through the Bible called SuperSunday. It’s ideal for children’s clubs or Sunday School and it’s designed to be quite fast paced with an element of choice built into the session. 

Balloon Art

Materials: Small balloons; Balloon pump; Washable Paint; Plastic Darts; Thumbtacks, Canvas or white foam board with white butcher paper taped over it; Large drop cloth to cover the mess

Step 1. Place the mouth of the balloon over your paint container and squirt a small amount of paint. Then take your pump and fill your balloons and twist off to tie. Make sure you are doing this with a large cloth to cover the floor in case a balloon pops

Step 2. In an area outdoor where you can place your drop cloth on the ground, tape your canvas somewhere that is low enough for kids to throw darts at.

Step 3. Attach the balloons with thumbtacks on your canvas. Obviously you want to attach the twisted off ends as to not pop the balloons.

Now have fun and throw darts at the canvas to make a colourful splattered painting!

Craft: Abraham Stars Picture


First colour the picture of Abraham (template attached) and cut out once complete. Next glue a dark green “hill” cut out of card stock onto a piece of black paper to make a night scene. Glue down the cut out of Abraham and add the star stickers. Finish by writing Genesis 22:17 under Abraham’s feet.

Game: Huckle Buckle

To start the game have everyone find a partner. Once everyone is paired up send one partner to one side of the room and the other partner to the opposing side. Partners will line up across from each other. The leader will call out, “huckle buckle” followed with a body part. For example, “huckle buckle knees!” The teammates race as quickly toward each other as they can and match their knees up to each other making contact knee to knee. If the leader yells, “huckle buckle buckle” they will run toward each other, turn back to back, lock arms and sit down. The last pair to correctly match up sit out. At each round you send the remaining pairs back to their opposing lines to start the new round. Here are some things you can call out; elbows, foreheads, fingers, fists, feet, shoulders, you get the picture.


God’s Promise to Abraham Video here

  • Is there anything in the video that you hadn’t heard before?
  • Is there anything that surprised you in the story?
  • Have you ever had to wait a really long time for something? How did it feel?
  • What do you think the hardest part for Abraham and Sarah was?
  • What do you think the story tells us about God?


Promise Keeper by NewSpring Worship – Video here

Promise Keeper Lyrics and Motions

Craft: Yarn Stars

Trace your star shape onto the card stock and cut it out (or for kids who are getting good with cutting with scissors, have them cut out the star themselves).

Tape the end of your yarn into a loop about an inch from one of the tips of your star.

Then, set the children loose, wrapping the yarn around the star shape like crazy!  They can cover the whole star, or leave some of the card stock showing underneath – either way, the final product is really cute!

Cookie Stars


  • 100g softened butter
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup plain flour
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla paste
  • Silver cake decorating balls


Combine all the Kids Cookies Dough ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix until the dough is ready.

Roll out the dough onto a lightly floured surface using a rolling pin; or pat down the dough with the palms of your hands.

Cut out star shapes with star shaped cookie cutters and decorate with silver cake decorating balls

Lay out baking paper onto a flat oven tray and place the biscuits onto the tray.

Bake at 150C for 15 minutes

Let the biscuits cool

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