This is the first post in a series of children’s sessions journeying through the Bible that I have called SuperSunday. It’s ideal for children’s clubs or Sunday School and it’s designed to be quite fast paced with an element of choice built into the session.  Activities are provided for before the Sunday service as a way of introducing the theme for that day.  

Session Aim:

  1. To introduce children to the story of creation
  2. to explore that we are made in the imagine of a creative God
  3. provide an opportunity to develop creative skills

Before the Service

Team Activity: Newspaper Tower Building

Working in groups how high can they build the tower using the newspapers? It must be able to stand on its own.

Paper Spinners

Template: Spinner template

  1. Either print out two circles from the templates above OR get a small paper plate (approx 10-12cm in diameter and draw two circles).
  2. Colour in your circles any way you wish. The colours will “mix” on any concentric circles. (see video for the effect). Be bold and experiment with different designs and patterns.
  3. Cut our your circles.
  4. Stick the first circle on some cardboard.
  5. Cut out the cardboard circle now.
  6. Stick the second circle on to the back.
  7. Make two small holes (approx 1cm apart, if not 8mm) on either side of the centre of the circle – the templates have markings for this.
  8. Thread string approx 40cm in length through and tie.

During the Service

Sometimes children will have sat for quite a long time during the opening of the church service. I always tried to start with quite an active game to help them let off a bit of steam.

Game: Shape Hopscotch

Encourage the kids to jump, wiggle, twirl and hop through the shapes. Here are a few ways to make it through the shape maze:

  • Hop from one side to the other only touching one colour/shape.
  • Have one kids call out colours or shapes that the other kid raced to find.
  • Jump across the shapes following directions like…”jump 2 shapes to the right”

Lighting the Candle, Collection & Prayer

  • We light the candle to remind us that God is always with us.

Father, Bless the gifts we bring you
Give them something kind to do
May they help someone to love you
And Father may we love you too.


Tease out anything that children hadn’t heard before or that they found surprising. Do the children have a favourite part of creation? If they were God creating the universe what might they add or change? I always try to be cautious not to provide ready made answers to kids questions.

Straw Snakes

  1. Start by cutting a few paper straws into  1-inch sections.
  2. Overlap the ends of two pipe cleaners about one inch and twist them together to connect them. We used two pipe cleaners to make our snakes but you could add more pipe cleaners to make your snake however long you’d like.
  3. Thread your paper straw pieces onto your pipe cleaners. You’ll need to bend down the end of the pipe cleaner after threading on your first piece so they don’t fall off. Then continue adding on the paper straws until you reach the other end of the pipe cleaner. Bend down the end of the pipe cleaner at the end so the pieces don’t fall off. My daughter had fun with this because she loved making different patterns with each of her snakes.
  4. Cut out a snake head from your card-stock paper and a small snake tongue. Glue them onto the first paper straw piece. Then glue on your googly eyes.

 Craft: Creation Mosaic

Encourage the children to draw a simple outline drawing of one of the scenes from creation. They finish off their picture using squares of craft paper.

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