Prodigal Son Story

Once upon a time there were two brothers who lived on a farm

They loved chasing chickens, riding horses, and pushing over the cows!

But more than anything they loved playing with their dad

They played hide and seek, leap frog and freeze tag!

Now the dad loved his boys more than anything in the whole wide world…

…so he gave them a set of rules to keep them safe and happy

The dad often told his sons that everything he owned would someday belong to them

Well one day the younger brother started thinking how great it would be to own everything his dad had

He thought so much that his heart became filled with greed

So he decided to go talk to his dad and said…

When will I get all the cool stuff you own

The dad explained to the younger brother than he could enjoy everything he had right now but he wouldn’t own it until he died.

Well the younger brother asked his dad a horrible, terrible question

can i have my share now

Well the dad was shocked and felt terribly sad but he agreed to give his song his share of the inheritance.

The son was so excited that he ran off to the big city without even saying goodbye.

The young boy quickly became very popular in the big city. He had lots of money and no rules to keep him from doing whatever he wanted.

He threw wild parties with people who he thought were his friends.

He ate the finest foods and slept in the fanciest of hotels

Well one day while eating at a very expensive restaurant with all his friends he reached for his wallet to pay the bill but he was surprised to find his wallet was completely empty.

He turned to his friends to see if they could help him out but one by one they all got up and started walking away leaving him all alone.

The next thing he knew he was washing dishes and sleeping in the alley behind the restaurant. The only food he ate was from the rubbish bin.

He finally paid off the restaurant bill and he tried to find a job he was good at, but the only job available was feeding the pigs. And all he could eat was what the pigs didn’t want!

He sat in the mud and cried and cried. He realised that he chose the wrong path.

As he nibbled on some food he decided to go home and see if his dad could at least give him a job that paid him with some real food.

As he began walking back home his dad ran to him and gave him a massive hug.

The dad was crying tears of joy because his son was lost and now was found.

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