This is a collection of parachute games that can be easily played with children.


This is a simple exercise to get the children used to the parachute. All the children are asked to bend down and take hold of the parachute. When the leader calls ‘up’ the children lift the parachute up as high as they can – making a mushroom shape. Pulling the parachute down creates a refreshing wind and enables you to repeat the exercise again. Another version of this exercise is to ask the children to lift the parachute high in the air and then walk in towards the centre.


This is a good warm-up game whereby the children have to run underneath from one side of the parachute to the other whilst all the other children lift it up to make a mushroom shape and then pull it down in order to trap those running underneath. I have used the following to encourage different groups of children to run underneath but you can easily make up your own.

· All those who like watching EastEnders
· All those who are boys/girls
· All those wearing red
· All those called….
· All those wearing a tie
· All those who have long hair
· All those who like Marmite


This game is also called ALLIGATOR SWAMP and has two versions but both require the children to sit around the parachute with their feet hidden underneath the parachute.

The first version begins with one child being selected to go underneath the parachute whilst everyone else pulls the parachute to their chests and begins to make waves. The person under the parachute goes around and grabs the legs of someone and gently pulls them under with them. They then change places and the new shark or alligator seeks out another victim.

The second version is, in my opinion, much more fun. One shark and two lifesavers are selected. The shark goes under the parachute with everyone making waves with the parachute and the two lifeguards circle the outside of the parachute in order to help those being dragged in by the shark.

Once a shark pulls a child under the parachute then that child joins the shark and the two sharks seek out more victims.


Imagine that the parachute is the shell of a turtle. The children are asked to go underneath the parachute and hold the edge in front of them, keeping their backs to the middle of the parachute. Explain to the children that they have to work together and if not the turtle will not move as one. (You will be outside of the parachute at this stage and the children will be underneath) Ask the children to move in one direction, making sure the parachute does not lose its shape. You could also try putting obstacles in the way to climb over or move around.


You can use beanbags for this game but small coloured balls work best and are fun to watch. I like to use small plastic balls and select three different colours, but you could use two different colours if you like. Children can then be divided into two teams on either side of the parachute or boys against girls and one colour will obviously represent each team. I have used three different coloured balls and say that the red ones are for the boys, the blue for the girls and the purple for those who don’t know if they are a boy or a girl!

All the children stand around the parachute holding it tight and then making large waves. Throw the balls onto the parachute and watch them fly off in all directions. The team that bounces off their colour balls first wins.


Great care needs to be taken in this game as children can get knocked over! Select 4-5 children to sit in the middle of the parachute with their backs together. When the children are seated you will need to ask them to put their arms high in the air so that the parachute doesn’t get caught around their necks. It also means that when the parachute is pulled they are more likely to fall over.

All the other children are then asked to stand up and hold the parachute. Slowly, the children walk clockwise around the children sitting down and at the same time holding onto the parachute. I normally encourage the children to shout out something like ‘wash, wash,wash, wash’ as they walk. The parachute will then begin to tangle around the children in the middle and at a given point you will need to shout ‘pull’ and all the children pull the parachute outwards which should result in those in the middle falling over.


A popular chasing game that involves one child be selected to be the mouse and the other to be the cat. I usually use a whistle and say that when I blow the first whistle the cat goes underneath the parachute and crawls around the outer rim, while all the other children kneel down and make waves. On my second whistle the cat goes on top on its hands and knees and tries to catch the mouse. If the mouse makes it around the outer rim of the parachute and back to its place without being caught by the cat then it becomes the winner. The children kneeling around the parachute making waves must help the mouse not the cat.


One child is selected to be the eagle and sit in the middle of the parachute; this will become the eagle’s perch. Now the eagle is a vicious bird of prey and feeds upon fish, mice and other small creatures like children (OK you can leave the children bit out). Four fish (children, not actual fish) are selected from different locations around the parachute. The remaining children have to sit or kneel around the parachute and make waves. At some point the fish can go underneath the parachute and try to poke the eagle before it sees them. The game is four against one but the eagle can pounce upon the fish but needs to know that it can’t swim in the sea and must stay on its perch. Fish  pounced on by the eagle must then leave the sea. The fish can meet up underneath and plan to attack all at once or one by one.


This game could also be done with shoes, preferable at the beginning of the session before their shoes are taken off. Have all the children stand up and hold the parachute to their waste. Walk around the parachute and number off the children 1-5, or other numbers as you desire. All those who are number 5 have to toss one of their socks underneath the parachute. Then, when the whistle is blown, the children make a mushroom shape and all those with one sock underneath must rush in, collect it, put in on and then try to get back to their place. The last one out with their socks on is given a forfeit or asked to run around the outside and back to their place.


You will need a large soft ball for this game. The children are divided into two teams as in popcorn and make waves with the parachute. The ball is thrown into the middle and each team must try and send the ball flying off their opponent’s side in order to win a point. You could also use a soft toy animal instead of the ball to add more fun. After the first couple of tries I would then select one child for each team to go underneath the parachute and help their team by hitting the ball over the heads of their opponents.


This is a good exercise to end the session, but please make sure no children are left outside the parachute as the temptation to hit the children who are underneath the parachute is rather high! I would ask the children to pull the parachute tight, bend down with it so that it rests on the floor. Then ask them to lift it high to make a mushroom and when they pull it down pull the parachute behind them and sit down on it. You should now have all the children inside the parachute making a tent.

I would then play a game whereby one child is chosen to stand as a tent post in the centre but not with their head poking through the middle of the parachute. A soft ball is then thrown into the centre and, without using their hands; the children have to kick the soft ball against the tent post ten times. It is not that easy to do but when ten hits have been recorded then I would use the time for light discussion, joke telling, etc.

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