This is a really simple game that you’ve used in a number of different settings from children’s talks, youth groups, and pupil support. The challenge is to pick up as many different everyday sounds they can from the audio track. It will test your groups listening skills and will show how difficult listening can be.

Everyday sounds

1. Clock Ticking
2. Alarm going off
3. Tapping a glass with a spoon
4. Pressing a button on alarm clock
5. Ruffling pages of a book
6. Turning on a lamp switch
7. Playing with a spring
8. Steps across the carpet
9. Hitting a pot with a spoon
10. Police siren
11. Opening/closing of a window
12. Pigeons cooing
13. Rubbing the rim of a glass jug
14. Dialing a phone
15. Phone ringing
16. Dustbin libds on floor
17. Dragging a spoon across a radiator
18. Knock at the door
19. Door being opened
20. Person speaking
21. Floor being swept with a brush

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