This is a collection of fun Lego games for children. Ideal for birthday parties and special events.

Lego Sculptures

Write simple sculpture ideas on index cards. Have everyone draw a card and give them 10-15 minutes to create their sculpture. Have a good supply of different Lego blocks available. After the time is up, have everyone try to guess what everyone else’s sculpture is. You can award prizes for whoever guesses the most correctly or just play for fun.

Fast As You Can

In this game you’ll call out a simple object that can be created using Lego blocks. Everyone will have three minutes to make one as fast as they can. At the end of the three minutes have a judge decide who sculpture most resembles the object. Play a couple of rounds so there are more chances for winners.

Lego Sculpture Contest

Have everyone get creative and build their own Lego creation. Give plenty of time for everyone to give it all they’ve got. I would say 30-45 minutes. This tends to be a very quiet party game because the kids really concentrate on their creations. At the end of the game award ribbons for best sculpture. You can have different ribbon categories such as:

  • Most Creative
  • Biggest
  • Tallest
  • Most Colorful
  • Fastest
  • Best Details
  • Craziest
  • Funniest

Jar O’ Lego

This is a fun icebreaker Lego game. Simply fill a clear jar with Lego blocks (make sure you count them) and have the children guess how many Lego’s they think is in the jar. Award a prize at the end of the party for the child that gets the closest. The prize could even be the jar of Lego’s itself.

Lego Battle

Divide the kids into two teams and give them 20 minutes to build the biggest and tallest tower they can. Afterward, line the kids up and let them take a turn throwing bean bags at the other team’s tower. Let each child throw the bean bag twice. In the end whichever tower is most intact is declared the winner.

Pass the Lego

In this game, the children sit in a circle and pass  Lego around while the music is playing. Before each child can pass it though they must add another Lego to the sculpture, they then must pass it to the next player being careful not to break off any pieces. If any pieces do break off that player must attach them back on before passing. When the music stops whoever is holding the ever-growing lego sculpture is out. Keep playing until only one player remains.

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