Children’s Session
Matthew 28:16-20 The Great Commission

Game: Shark and Octopus Tag


Choose 1-2 children to be “sharks” and have them stand in the middle of the playing area. Everyone else starts out as an “octopus”. Have all the octopus line up across one of the end lines to start. The game begins when the sharks call out, “Octopus, octopus, swim in my ocean!”  All players must run across the playing area trying to get to the other side without getting tagged by one of the sharks. Anyone who is tagged by a shark must sit down where they are tagged. They now become the shark’s helpers. These players can try and tag any octopus that come within arms length. When the shark calls out, “Octopus, octopus, swim in my ocean!” again, the players will try to run back to the other side this time trying to avoid the sharks and any players sitting down. The game continues until there is only one person left.

Game: Twister


Play a game of twister to introduce the idea of being hands and feet for God.

Letter from God 


Tell the children that you found a letter had been delivered this morning and you didn’t have time to read it before you left for church. This could be tied in with the undercover mission later in the session. Read the letter out to them.

The letter could say something like:

Dear _____________,

All I’ve ever wanted is for my creation and my people to thrive and grow. I gave people rules but they didn’t follow them. I sent my son to show that love and forgiveness were my priorities but they put him on a cross. I’m looking for your help to make the world a more beautiful place. I get sad when I see people being mean and hurt one another. I cry when I see when the environment isn’t looked after. I need your help. I’m looking for children to be my hands and feet. I have a secret uncover mission for you. I’ve left some instructions for you to make a difference where you are.Will you help me with this undercover mission?

With lots of love,

Domino knock-on effect


Set up a domino run in your meeting area. Draw a picture of a person on the first and last dominoes.

God invites us to help him make the world a better place. It seems like a big job and sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. But small acts of kindness go a long way.

Illustrate this by pushing over the first domino and seeing the influence that it has on the rest of the dominoes. Similarly when we hurt someone it can have a knock on effect.

Craft: Light up the world

globe craft

To create this globe craft you will need green & blue tissue paper, mod podge, glass bowl, paint brush, and a  tea light candle.

To begin rip your blue tissue paper into smallish pieces. Paint mod podge onto your glass jar. Add pieces of tissue paper on top and paint on more mod podge over your tissue paper. Once your first layer has covered your whole bowl and dried add another. Draw out your pieces of land onto your green tissue paper. Mod podge it onto your globe. Let it dry  and ignite your flame!

Your mission if you choose to accept it!

top secret god mission

This could tie in with the letter from God activity. Encourage your group of children to help you with an undercover secret mission. Before the session prepare a top secret envelope for every child. Each envelope should contain 7 daily acts of kindness ranging from preparing a meal for your family to clean your room without being asked. Remember to keep it age appropriate. Along with the challenge sheet you could also add a pen and some undercover secret agents sunglasses.

Secret Service ideas: do a chore for a brother/sister without them knowing; write a note telling someone who much you appreciate them; smile at 3 random people making their day a little brighter; secret clean mum and dad’s car; ask a parent how you could help them that day without complaining; listen during class and pay attention; pick up any trash you see lying around for one whole day; prepare a meal for someone; draw a picture for someone you care about; say I love you to someone you care about; read to a younger brother or sister.

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