The group forms two concentric circles with the same number of participants in each circle, the people in the inner circle facing outwards and the people in the outer circle facing inwards. The inner circle remains stationary and the outer circle moves one person anticlockwise every 30seconds, having this amount of time to say their names and any other aspect considered relevant to introduce to the other person.

Reflection – Ask in the group how many names and characteristics they have learned about each other. Ask them to announce some of the most interesting aspects. Ask how important it is knowing more about the people you will work with in order to feel more comfortable talking and listening with one another.

Truth Game

Tell participants that they must introduce themselves to the group, with two true statements/facts about themselves and one lie. Ask a volunteer to start. Whoever guesses the correct lie goes next.

Follow the Leader

All but one participant stand in a circle, with one player in the middle. The middle player closes her eyes, and the rest of the group quietly chooses a leader. Middle player opens her eyes and tries to find the leader. The whole group follows the leader, in everything he does. As soon as the middle player guesses who the leader was the game is over and that person is the new person in the middle. This works best if movements are clear, not too fast, and if the group follows the leader as fast and as precisely as possible.


The group sits down in a circle. One person turns to the left and claps while making eye-contact The next person repeats this clapping and making eye contact to the person on her/his left. The goal is to make this happen as fast as possible. You can bring variant by clapping to the person on your right or to any person in the circle, when the rhythm builds up increase or decrease the speed or send some additional rounds of handclaps around the circle, chasing the first.

Human Knot

Form a tight circle and each person extends both hands into the middle of the circle and take the hand of two different players. Then the team must untangle the knot without at any time letting go of one another’s hand. A time limit should be given.

Ball Toss Name Game

Ask participants to split into groups of about 8-12 people and have each group stand in a circle. Make sure that the circles are positioned with a safety zone of one or two metres of space behind each group. Tell the participants, ‘in this exercise, we will try to learn each other’s names in the small groups.’ Start by getting everyone in the circle to say his or her name, one by one.  Explain that, at the beginning, the person holding the ball will call out the name of someone in the group and then throw the ball to them and this continues until everyone has been passed the ball.  After a couple of minutes introduce a second ball, and a few minutes later add a third ball. The group should try to throw and catch the three balls, all the while calling out the receiver’s name, 10 or 15 times without dropping the balls. If a ball is dropped they must start counting again.

Quick Warm-Up Circle

Participants form a circle.  Next, ask them to find a partner across the circle with whom they will maintain eye contact during the exercise. The facilitator then leads the group through a series of exercises using deep breaking, stretching, jumping, and other movement. The exercises should allow stretching all the major muscles, and raise the energy levels of the participants.

Back Rub Circle

Have participants form a circle and turn to their right. Ask them to put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them and massage the person’s shoulders, neck and back. After a few minutes, ask participants to turn around and massage the person to their left.

Pass the Beat

Ask participants to stand in a circle and turn to the person next to him on either, make eye contact, and clap your hands. That person should try to clap at the same time so that you are clapping together. Then, that person should turn to the person on his or her other side, clap in unison, and so on around the circle. This gives the impression that the beat is being passed. Encourage participants to establish and maintain a rhythm.

Blind Line

Each team member is given a number and is then blindfolded. No member of the group is allowed to speak at any time. The game must be played in silence. The group must devise a method of communicating prior to the start of the game. Participants are spread apart. Once everyone is blindfolded, the object of the game is for the group to arrange themselves in number order.

Throw the Ball

The group stands or sits in a circle. A tennis ball is thrown to each group member and their name is called. Keeping the same sequence each time, get faster, louder and add more balls.

Who Am I?

For this activity you will need one sticky post-it note per person. On each note write the name of a celebrity, political figure, cartoon character, book character etc. You can choose one category or mix them up. Use a different person for each note. Place a sticky note on the back of forehead of each participant. The participants are to figure out who they are, but can only do so by asking yes or no questions.

Comic Strip Chaos

Each participant takes a turn of picking out a comic strip frame out of a large contained. After the entire group has each chosen one the participants begin to search for others with the same comic strip sequence. After the participants have found everyone in their group they must arrange themselves so that the sequence of frames is in chronological order to form the comic strip correctly. Upon completion of the sequence, the newly formed group sits down together. It is a great game to break larger games into smaller groups.


The group stands in a circle holding hands, pass a hoola hoop around the circle by each member climbing through it. Add in more hoops sending them in different directions and racing them.

Blind Shapes

The object of the game is for the group to form a share such as a square or triangle using the given range of rope. Ask the participants to put on blindfolds on. All participants must have at least one hand on the rope at all time. All participants must remain blindfolded until the task is completed. When the group believe the task is finished ask them to remove their blindfolds, without moving from their current places.

Back to Back

Every group member must find a partner of approximately equal height and weight. The partners will lock arms with their backs to one another. With their arms remaining locked at all times the partners will sit down on the ground, kick their legs out straight and then try and stand back up again. Then try with groups of four, then eight, and eventually the entire group.

Machine Game

The object of this game is to create a machine out of a group of people (ie typewriter, fire engine watch etc). You may want to split your group into 2 or 3 smaller groups. Each person is required to be accountable for one noise and one motion of the machine. The group members should then put their motions and sounds together to create the machine. Give each group about 5 minutes to work together and prepare and then have the groups present to everyone. Ask the other groups to guess the machines.

Friendship Questions

Friendship questions aren’t personal. They include questions like: Where did you live between the ages of 2 and 10? How many brothers and sisters do you have? What kinds of car does your family have? Do you have a pet? What is your favourite film? Divide into 2 or 3 groups. Have a group leader start by asking a question then answering it first. The first answer will set the tone for all the rest. If it is brief others will be brief. If it is lengthy others will be lengthy too. Spend no more that one minute per person on each question.

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