Group Games

Blanket Flip is a great game for team building, small groups, or on the spot volunteer game. You’ll need to blankets of the same size and type to make things even for competition. A good size is 5 X 5.

Recruit 6-10 volunteers per team. Have them lay the blanket out flat on the ground. Everyone stands on the blanket. They must turn their blanket over without any team member touching the physical floor under the blanket or around it.

Hands down is a great game for small groups or large groups. Students gather in a circle on their hands and knees. Everyone will place their right hand in between the hands of the person to his/her right. If done correctly, everyone’s hands will be inter-woven and overlapping.

The leader starts by slapping their hand on the ground which starts a domino effect. The hand immediately to the right must slap the ground and then the hand immediate to that hand must slap the ground, and so on. If someone slaps the ground twice in a row then the direction of the ground slapping domino effect reverses

Huckle Buckle is a game that is a lot of fun for a large group. To start the game have everyone find a partner. Once everyone is paired up send one partner to one side of the room and the other partner to the opposing side. Partners will line up across from each other. The leader will call out, “huckle buckle” followed with a body part. For example, “huckle buckle knees!” The teammates race as quickly toward each other as they can and match their knees up to each other making contact knee to knee. If the leader yells, “huckle buckle buckle” they will run toward each other, turn back to back, lock arms and sit down. The last pair to correctly match up sit out. At each round you send the remaining pairs back to their opposing lines to start the new round. Here are some things you can call out; elbows, foreheads, fingers, fists, feet, shoulders, you get the picture.

All over is a pretty straight forward game. It’s perfect to get a lot of energy out before a talk.

All Over

You can use soft balls, frisbees or whatever. Divide your group into two even teams and mark the room in half with a strip of tape down the centre. Divide your objects evenly and place them on either side of the centre. The leader yells, “all over” to start the game. Players try to get all of the objects over and be the first to have their side completely empty of objects. They can throw or kick them across. Depending upon how many objects you have the game can be near impossible to win. You may need to start a countdown and then have the leader yell, “stop.” The team with the least amount of objects on their side wins.

For added fun you can divide the room in four equal sides like foursquare and have four teams competing.

Spider Fighters

Gather young people in groups of three or four. Theywill place their arms over each other’s shoulders to form a tight huddle with their heads touching in the middle. Each team of three gets a balloon. The balloon is placed in the middle of the huddle on the floor. When the game begins the huddle of three to four must use their feet and work together to protect their balloon and pop the other team’s balloons with their feet. They may not let go of each other. Their huddle moves in unison kicking their balloon with their feet while popping other group’s ballons. Last group with their balloon wins.

Charades Relay

Divide into two groups with an equal number of participants. Give each team an envelope filled with charades clues to be acted out. Each team should send a participant up front to take a clue. The two participants should stand back to back in the middle of the room and act out their clues for their teams who are on opposite sides of the room. When the clue is guessed, as quickly as possible the person up front should sit down and the next participant should race to the front, take a clue and begin acting it out. The first team to guess a clue for each of their members wins. This is a speed challenge and should be pretty chaotic with two actors up front and both teams yelling out guesses.

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