This is a simple PowerPoint slideshow adapted from a 13 year old girl’s poem ‘Where is God?’

Where is God Poem PPT

The full poem is below…

Where is God?

God’s in the snowflake that melted
But not in the snowball you threw
She’s in the midnight shadow that might
Have been there if the cloud only moved

God is in the words of the story
But not in the book’s printed page
She’s in every word that was shouted
But more in what you never dared say

God lives in the living fur’s touch
But not in the leather punk boots
He is in the cool stars of midnight
But more in the dawn’s golden fruits

God’s in the first fair trade chocolate
But not in the millionth Kit-Kat
She’s in the succulent pork meat
But more in Quorn. That’s a fact!

God’s not always in my heart
Or even in my head
But God can be there every step of the way
Even when he’s just one step ahead

Rose Fisher (13yrs)

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