Where is God Art Project

Where’s Wally?

This is a good way to introduce the idea of searching. It’s not always easy to see God but he is to be found very much in the midst of our lives. There are a number of books that can be purchased through an online retailed such as Amazon.

Imagination Worksheet

You could give each child a worksheet or use larger sheets of paper (one square per sheet of paper). This is to create space early on in the session to allow children to express their creativy. Emphasis that everyone sees differently and their responses might well be different.


Creative Drawing Idea

This is an alternative introductory activity.

Gather together some toy catalogues, brochures or instruction booklets you don’t mine cutting up. Cut out some images that are full of action and glue them to individual sheets of paper. (You want it to look unfinished so the children want to finish the picture). Invite the children to finish of the pictures.

See the gallery below for some ideas…


Before the session write each of the questions on a large sheet of paper. Split the children into two teams and have them race against each other. Print out the photos and place them at the top of the hall. The children have to choose the photo that best represents their answer to the question. Print out a selection of words to use for the last question. Make sure to leave come blank cards for children to write their own words.

  • Where can you find God?
  • What would God say to you? Choose an emoticon and fill in the speech bubble.
  • What does God look like?
  • Complete the sentence – God is…


Worksheet with emoticons and speech