Each year on Easter Sunday our children and young people have an Easter egg hunt around the groups of the church. This year we added in some plastic eggs to help us tell the story of Jesus. They were numbered and contained small fragments of the story.


EGG #1: A little donkey

– Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. Some people were happy to see him and they waved palm leaves. Some people were not so happy they thought he was too popular.


EGG #2: Bread

– Jesus and his 12 friends (disciples) sat down to eat together.


EGG #3: Flowers

(to represent the garden of Gesethame)

– After supper, Jesus and his 12 friends went into the garden to pray.


EGG #4: 5p pieces
(to represent the pieces of silver)
– One of Jesus friends betrayed him. The soldiers paid him money to show them which of his friends was Jesus.


EGG #5: Sword or a Spear
(for example from a Lego or Playmobil set)
– The soldiers came into the garden and grabbed Jesus. His friends were scared and tried to protect him but the soldiers took him away.

EGG #6: A Spikey Twig
(or use a bramble leaf, something spikey)
– The people who didn’t like Jesus teased him for saying he was the Son of God. They made him wear a pretend crown made of thorns so it would hurt his head. Then they decided he should be killed.


EGG #7: Wooden Cross
(use a crucifix or make one out of twigs or lolly sticks)
– The soldiers made Jesus carry a heavy wooden cross through the streets of Jerusalem. The people who didn’t lilke him shouted nasty things at him as he walked.


EGG #8: Three Nails
– When Jesus got to a top of a hill, they nailed his hands and feet to the cross and put it up so that everyone could watch him die. Jesus was in pain but he wasn’t angry. He forgave the people that hurt him.


EGG #9: Small piece of cloth
– Jesus died on the cross. His friends were very sad. Jesus’ body was wrapped up in a cloth and taken to a cave to keep it safe.


EGG #10: Small Pebble or Stone
– A big stone was rolled in front of the cave so that no one could get in.


EGG #11: Nothing!
– When Jesus’s friends came back to the cave to get his body, the stone was rolled away – the cave was empty! They were scared and started to cry.

EGG #12: Angel 
(or a smiling face, something to represent a happy person)
– An angel appeared by the cave and told them not to worry. Jesus was safe and was with God in Heaven. Jesus mum and friends were very happy to hear this! They went out to tell the whole world what had happened.

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