Below are some Commonwealth Games activities that are suitable for children and could be used to connect with the Queen’s Baton Relay as it makes its way to Glasgow. The Commonwealth Games run from the 23rd July – 3rd August.

Commonwealth Baton: Design your own baton using recycled household waste and take photos for your Group website.

2p Athletics Track: Athletics and running will be centre stage at the Commonwealth Games. Build your own running track
around your hall or chosen venue out of 2 pence pieces. Collect 2p pieces from as many sources as possible; from members, family and friends. (You may also need to get some from a bank depending on what you have planned or if you have had donations in larger denominations.)  You could then have a series of races or events using the track to measure distances! The money used could be donated to a local charity or good cause.

Commonwealth Quiz: Use the resources below to lead a quiz with your group. It’s a fun way to learn more about the history of the commonwealth games along with the sports involved.

Round 1: – Using picture cards, play a game of Pairs by turning over two cards to find a match. The picture cards will represent Commonwealth countries, cities & sports. Commonwealth Pairs

Round 2: Use the quiz question sheet to ask multiple choices or odd one out questions. This could be used as a run around game with corners for the possible answers. Commonwealth Quiz

Round 3: Give each patrol a set of cards for a member to draw or mine for their team. Set a time limit and if unsuccessful, a chance goes to another team for the answer. Commonwealth Pictionary

Design Your Own Mascot

Design and create your own Mascot for the Commonwealth Games. If feeling super creative you could use a variety of materials including paper mache, air-drying clay, or recycled junk items.

Commonwealth Mascots Info Sheet

Come Dine With Me

Select a country and dish from that country to cook/prepare. Beforehand print out instructions and recipes on how to make the dish. Set up stations for small groups to work at around your meeting place. Ensure each station has all the equipment necessary to complete their dish.

Once finished cooking/preparing, assemble all the completed dishes on one table. Groups should then taste each dish and award marks for the best.

Clyde Mask: Just download your very own Clyde, and follow the simple instructions to make his mask.

Download: Clyde Mask A4 

Colour in Clyde: for a bit of extra fun, you can download Colour in Clyde for your kids. Instructions are on the sheet.

Download: Colour in Clyde 

Headband: cheering on the baton might make you hot. So, it’s just as well you can download your very own headband – either for your kids, or you to wear.

Download: Headband

Crown: as it is the Queen’s Baton Relay, it’s the perfect occasion for you to crown yourself. Just download and follow the easy steps to put your special crown together.

Download: Crown

Megaphone: what better way to cheer on the baton than with a megaphone? This is easy to make and means that you’ll be heard by everyone. Let’s hear you.

Download: Megaphone

Supporter’s Number: to help you really feel part of the games fun, you can download a supporter’s number. This looks similar to the numbers that the athletes will wear when they’re competing in the games. All you have to do is cut it out and pin it onto your top.

Download: Supporter Sign 2014 Supporter
Download: Supporter Sign (blank inner)


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