Children’s Session Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Wordsearch
Remembrance Day Word Scramble

Game: Poppy Relay

You will need: large petal shapes from red paper/cardboard and a large centre from black paper, blu-tac.

This is a game that can help introduce the theme of remembrance and gives the opportunity to build things by working together. Split the children into relay teams to build up a poppy on the wall. Don’t explain that the black centre needs to be put on last. After they are finished see how they got in. Was the centre placed on last? If so it will cover the rough edges of the petals in the middle.

Video: The Poppy Story

Was there anything in the video story that you hadn’t heard before?
Why do we wear poppies?
Why is it important to remember events of the past?
Why do we maintain a minutes silence at Remembrance Day?

Poppy Craft (Older Children)


You need 2 pieces of cardboard for this project. One for the background and one for the poppy. Trace a poppy shape on the cardboard and cut out.

Starting on the outside of one of the petals spread some tacky glue and start laying down the wool. For this project the tacky glue is the best, it holds down the yarn immediately whereas PVA glue may not stick at first and gets soaked up in the wool. Now you can add different shades of yarn in the poppy to add depth. You can also add some black yarn in bits and pieces as well.

For the centre first paint it black and then add some beads but you can fill this is with black yarn, poppy seeds, or even crumpled black tissue. Let dry.

Take your background piece of cardboard and cover with a piece of foil shiny side up. You can glue or tape it down.

Take some tissue paper in black and white and rip into some small shapes. Do the same with some newspaper.

Cover the foil with some mod podge or white glue. Working from one corner add some ripped paper to your background.  If using white glue you only want to apply it where a piece of paper is going… don’t coat the whole board or you’ll lose your shiny foil look. Leave some foil exposed.

When dry you can glue your poppy into place and that’s it

If you’re limited for time the cards covered in foil could be prepared in advance.


Poppy Craft (Younger Children)


Print off template on to some white card.

  • add glue on the middle circle and glue black strips of paper
  • add glue to the rest of the poppy and glue red strips covering the paper
  • let dry and then turn over and cut out the poppy.

Poppy Template: poppytemplate


The review can happen at the time or later – it maybe by yourself or with others.

Some useful questions to help volunteers consider and learn from the session include:

  • Has each child been able to participate in their own way?
  • What went well and why?
  • Has each child been able to reflect, even a little, on remembrance and the story of the Poppy?
  • What is there for you to learn from this session?
  • What might you do differently another time?

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