Children’s Session – Palm Sunday

You Can Hear Them Shouting: A Palm Sunday Story.

Introductory Activities

Famous Faces Quiz
Can the children and young people guess which famous celebrities are in each mash-up.
Quiz Powerpoint: Famous Faces

Pin the tail on the donkey

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Lotus Party Game – Pin The Tail On The Donkey – 12 Player

Palm Branches
Children will make their own palm branches that they can take into the service with them.

Palm Branch craft

Palm Branch Craft 2

You will need a piece of green construction paper, scissors and tape. Cut your construction paper in ½ inch strips about half way down the length of the paper. Roll uncut end of paper into a tube and tape. Fluff top pieces of paper where you cut into strips to create palm branch.

Palm Sunday Worksheets

Newspaper Front Page

Main Activities

Palm Sunday Relay Race

Break the children into two teams. Each team are given a stick donkey, 3 cardboard palm branches and a t-shirt card template. This is a race but when the children are riding the donkey they can only step on the branches or t-shirt template on the ground. To get up and down they will need another member of the group to move the branches/t-shirt after they’ve been stood on. The winning team will be the first with each member to race to the top of the hall and back

Palm Sunday Video


Invite children and young people to wonder using such statements as :

I wonder why it is called Palm Sunday

I wonder what the people were feeling as Jesus rode into Jerusalem

I wonder what you would have said to Jesus

I wonder how Jesus felt with all the people crowding around him

I wonder what kind of king Jesus really is

Craft: Pop Up Scene

Click for templates: Part 1, Part 2

1. Print out one copy per student, both of the background sheet, and the sheet with the pop-up figures.

2.Use a box cutter/craft knife and metal edged ruler to cut slits along the black line and the sides of the houses. Cut several sheets at once to save time. Use a cutting board or piece of thick cardboard to avoid damaging your table.

3.Cut one pull tab per student out of thin cardboard (such as a cereal or cracker box.) This should be at least one inch (2 cm) longer than the background sheet.

4.Students colour in the details on both sheets, if you have time.Fold the background sheet in half so the picture is all on one side, then fold it in half again so that half is the ground, and the other half is a wall in the back.

5. Stick your finger in a slit on the sides of the both houses. Pull it forward as you fold the scene shut. When you open it, the houses should stand out.

6.Fold the pop-up figure sheet on the dotted line and cut out the figures.

7. Slide the flaps of the figures through the slit in the background and fold the bottom flaps to the sides on the back side of the background. The figures should be standing on the ground.

8. Glue or tape the flaps of the figures to the pull-tab in between the 2 layers of the background.

9. Glue the two layers of the background sheet together, but be sure to leave the areas where the pull-tab slides unglued, or you won’t be able to make the figures move!

Craft: Donkey Clothes Peg


Click for Instructions and Template

  1. Paint the wooden clothespins gray and black to form the legs. Allow time to dry. Print, color, and cut out the donkey and palm leaf tag.
  2. Glue on wiggle eyes and yarn.
  3. Punch a hole in the paper palm leaf tag and thread ribbon through the hole. Tie the tag onto the donkey. Allow time for your craft to dry

Craft: Palm Sunday Story Bag


Materials needed:

small paper gift bag (8-by-5-by-10-inch), ruler, pen or marker, scissors, 1-inch thick Styrofoam sheet, plastic wrap, glue dots.

Click for Template

1. Measure 1 inch from the base of the bag, and 1 inch from either side. Sketch an arch on the front (non-folding) side of the bag.

2. Carefully cut out the arch.

3. Measure the base of the bag. Cut the Styrofoam sheet to fit inside the bag at an angle. This will be the base of the scene. Alternatively you could glue a few sheets of felt squares together.

4. Cut plastic wrap to cover the hole. Glue the plastic “window” against the front opening from inside the bag. 5. Design backdrop and scene (see instructions below) and display them in the bag.


The review can happen at the time or later – it maybe by yourself or with others.

Some useful questions to help volunteers consider and learn from the session include:

  • Has each child been able to participate in their own way?
  • What went well and why?
  • Has each child been able to reflect on the story of Palm Sunday?
  • What is there for you to learn from this session?
  • What might you do differently another time?

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