Youth Photo Treasure Hunt

Youth Photo Treasure Hunt

This is a simple check list that could be used for a group photo treasure hunt. We used it with our boys’ group. Many of them had recently been displaced from their homes by the housing department and it was a good way to explore some of their feelings and emotions associated with the move. It’s also a fun activity that allows you do something a bit different and get out of your group meeting room for 30-40 mins.

Each of the photos should be agreed upon by the group. If there is a disagreement, take a photo of each thing and discuss it after the hunt.

A photo of a human pyramid
A photo of something green
A photo of something living
A photo of something blue
A photo of something old
A photo of something new
Something that you think is positive
Something that you this is negative
Something that you think is hopeful
Something that you this is useful
Something that you think is dangerous
Something that you think is exciting
Something that you think is scary
A photo of history
A photo of the future

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