How to play Hoop Hop Showdown

A video of 4th graders playing a game called Hoop Hop Showdown has gone viral in recent days amassing over 8 million views. What a great twist on the game of rock, paper, scissors. I couldn’t find the rules... read more

Children’s Session: Matters of the Heart

Children’s Session: Matters of the Heart Before the Service Reflecting God’s Love Gather a collection of mirrors that the children can use to look at themselves with. The idea ois to encourage the children look at themselves and ask... read more

Children’s Session – Noah #SuperSunday

This is the second post in a series of children’s sessions journeying through the Bible called SuperSunday. It’s ideal for children’s clubs or Sunday School and it’s designed to be quite fast paced with an element of choice built... read more

Children’s Session: Peace

Exploring Peace: Below are some ideas, activities and discussion starters to help children and young people explore the theme of peace.   Inspirational Quotes Print off the inspirational quotes about peace and display around your meeting space. Quotes:Postcards-for-peace-inspirational-quotes Peace... read more

The Cost of Children

The Cost of Children I read an article this week showing the real cost of raising  children. What was interesting was that it also listed what you got for your money. The government recently calculated the cost of raising... read more

Children’s Sermon: The Cake Mix

Below is a short script I used for a recently children’s talk during the church service. How do we live life in all its fullness? What might guide us? Whose advice might we listen to? Does anyone here like... read more

Children’s Session: Creation

This is the first post in a series of children’s sessions journeying through the Bible that I have called SuperSunday. It’s ideal for children’s clubs or Sunday School and it’s designed to be quite fast paced with an element... read more

Nativity story as told by kids – Video

A creative video telling the nativity story from the fresh and unique perspective of children. Ideal for church groups or school chaplaincy. I really love this retelling of the nativity story – used  recently for our school Christmas assembly... read more

Trinity Activities for Children

Explaining the Trinity – how God can be both one and three – is difficult at the best of times never mind explaining it to children in our groups and churches. It’s good to teach children what Christians believe... read more

Privilege Object Lesson

This is a simple, powerful exercise to teach your group about privilege and how God wants us to use our talents, gifts and energy to help those who don’t have the same opportunities as we do. Set up chairs... read more

Training: Recipe for Success

Children’s Work Training Session A recipe for success Learn a new song After our summer break we plan on introducing Fischy Music to our Sunday morning programme. We took the opportunity to learn one of the new songs as a... read more

Activities for Summer

Below is a collection of summer crafts and activities suitable for children’s clubs and Sunday Schools. Craft: CD Weaving What You Need: Old CDs, scrap yarn, scissors, and if you want to make the flexible needles, plastic lids, and... read more

Children’s Session: Life in all its fullness

Children’s Session Living Life in All Its Fullness Introductory Activities Blank Faces – have the children draw different emotions on each of the blank faces. It may help having different emotions written down. Ask children which face shows how... read more

Training: Looking to the Future

Training: Looking to the Future This was a session I led recently with our Kirk Session and Board as part of a retreat we had. We also invited some of our young people to take part in the discussion... read more

Children’s Session Don’t Be Afraid

Children’s Session – Don’t be Afraid This is a session designed to encourage children and volunteers to talk about the things that they are worried by, stressed by or fearful of and give some practical ways to negotiate these.... read more

Stress Toolkit for Children and Young People

Stress Toolkit for Children and Young People Stress is a natural part of every young person’s life. Stress is any change, internal or external, positive or negative, to which a young person must adapt; simply, stress is anything that... read more

Children’s Session – Who is Jesus?

Children’s Session –  Who is this Jesus? This session helps young people think about the different metaphors that are often applied to Jesus. Introductory Activities Guess Who Game – Ask as many questions as it takes to guess the... read more

Children’s Session: Palm Sunday

Children’s Session – Palm Sunday Introductory Activities Famous Faces Quiz Can the children and young people guess which famous celebrities are in each mash-up. Quiz Powerpoint: Famous Faces Pin the tail on the donkey Available from Amazon Lotus Party Game – Pin The Tail... read more

Children’s Session – Working Together

Children’s Session – Working Together Introductory Activities Jigsaw – work together to complete the picture. Jenga – rather than competing against one another, work together to create the tallest tower possible. Marshmallows/Spaghetti tower – work together to build a... read more

Children’s Session: Making Good Choices

Introductory Activities Magnetic Attraction ‘Explore together the objects that are attracted to a magnet and which ones are repelled. Explore what happens when two magnets are brought close to each other. Discuss together the sort of things we do... read more

Where is God Art Project

Where is God Art Project Where’s Wally? This is a good way to introduce the idea of searching. It’s not always easy to see God but he is to be found very much in the midst of our lives.... read more

Where is God Powerpoint

This is a simple PowerPoint slideshow adapted from a 13 year old girl’s poem ‘Where is God?’ Where is God Poem PPT The full poem is below… Where is God? God’s in the snowflake that melted But not in... read more

Listening Game

This is a really simple game that you’ve used in a number of different settings from children’s talks, youth groups, and pupil support. The challenge is to pick up as many different everyday sounds they can from the audio... read more

Remembrance Animation for Kids

A beautifully hand-drawn BBC animation introducing the theme of remembrance to younger children. War is a tricky issue to cover for younger age groups and the video emotes the feelings of war rather than visually depicting it. You... read more

Stress Free Nativity Script

Every year around this time, congregations struggle to find a fresh way to retell the familiar story of the birth of Jesus. When I first started at St James’ this task fell to the Sunday School team and from... read more

Children’s Session: Prayer

Children’s Session Prayer Prayer Collage In the week before this activity collect a variety of local newspapers. Organize your class into twos and threes and give each group a different local newspaper. Have the groups look through the newspapers... read more

Children’s Session – Remembrance Day

Children’s Session Remembrance Day Worksheets Remembrance Day Wordsearch Remembrance Day Word Scramble Game: Poppy Relay You will need: large petal shapes from red paper/cardboard and a large centre from black paper, blu-tac. This is a game that can help... read more

Children’s Session: Jesus heals a leper

I wonder if you’ve ever felt left out?Matthew 8: Jesus Heals a Leper Jesus showed us who God is by touching the untouchable and loving those who were often feared and rejected. Group Mandala Have each child and volunteer... read more

Cops and Robbers Photo Booth

All this week we’ve been running a Cops and Robbers children’s holiday club. We wanted to create a photo booth with different cops and robbers themed props.  We printed the images below off and used wooden skewers for handles.... read more

Children’s Session: Matthew 11:28

Children’s Session Matthew 11:28 “Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Snakes and Ladders Play a game of snakes and Ladders with your group as a way of introducing that life... read more

Fun Lego Games for Children

This is a collection of fun Lego games for children. Ideal for birthday parties and special events. Lego Sculptures Write simple sculpture ideas on index cards. Have everyone draw a card and give them 10-15 minutes to create their sculpture.... read more

Children’s Party Games

This a collection of children’s party games ideal for parties and special events. It includes some old favourites along with some with a new twist. The right/left game This is a twist on Pass the Parcel. Write a short... read more

World Cup and Street Children

“Sometimes it is hell on the streets but when I play football I feel as if I am in heaven” (Thamires, Brazil team 2010) With the World Cup taking place in Brazil this summer it is an excellent opportunity... read more

Commonwealth Games Activities

Below are some Commonwealth Games activities that are suitable for children and could be used to connect with the Queen’s Baton Relay as it makes its way to Glasgow. The Commonwealth Games run from the 23rd July – 3rd... read more

What Children Want at Church

A leader who knows their name.  Kids want to be known personally. If they get lost in the crowd, you’ll lose them. It’s vital you get them out of the row and into a small circle.  They want to... read more

Children’s Session: Showing Kindness

Children’s Session Showing Kindness “It’s best to start small. Give a cool cup of water to someone who is thirsty, for instance. The smallest act of giving or receiving makes you a true apprentice. You won’t lose out on... read more

Children’s News Feed Wall

    Create a ‘News feed’ wall, encourage the children to write on strips of paper things that they’ve done, news they have etc and stick them onto the News Feed. For younger children you may want to use speech bubbles.... read more

Children’s Session: Be the Hands and Feet

Children’s Session Matthew 28:16-20 The Great Commission Game: Shark and Octopus Tag Choose 1-2 children to be “sharks” and have them stand in the middle of the playing area. Everyone else starts out as an “octopus”. Have all the octopus... read more

Children’s Session: Pentecost

Children’s Session Pentecost – Acts 2: 1-21 Introductory Activities Balloon Races This is a fun and quick game – basically you tape a balloon to a straw on a string and watch it fly! It can also be set up as a race... read more

10 Commandments for Children

You can become a patron of Children & Youth through Patreon. In return for your monthly support, we offer first access to a range of youth and children’s work resources. Thank you for being part of the C&Y... read more

Edible Paint

This is a really simple but effective craft idea that I can see children’ absolutely loving. All you need for making edible paint is: Condensed Milk Food Colouring Toothpicks Paintbrushes Marshmallows Just pour the Condensed Milk into small containers... read more

Children’s Session – Noah

A collection of resources for a children’s session looking at the story of Noah. Includes video, worksheets, object lesson, and craft ideas. Worksheets Below is a collection of worksheets: Colouring Sheet: Ark In A Flood Colouring Sheet: Animals Entering... read more

Creative Drawing Idea

Creative Drawing Idea This is a really simple way to freshen up children’s drawings rather than giving them just a blank piece of paper. Gather together some toy catalogs, brochures or instruction booklets you don’t mine cutting up. Cut out some... read more

Large Collection of Ice Breaker Activities

Circulate The group forms two concentric circles with the same number of participants in each circle, the people in the inner circle facing outwards and the people in the outer circle facing inwards. The inner circle remains stationary and... read more

Prodigal Son Story

Once upon a time there were two brothers who lived on a farm They loved chasing chickens, riding horses, and pushing over the cows! But more than anything they loved playing with their dad They played hide and seek,... read more

Creativity Worksheet

Sometimes it’s too easy to put a colouring-in worksheet in front of children – it can be a great time filler and they are relatively easy to source. I do wonder whether we are subtly teaching children to stay... read more

Parachute Games

This is a collection of parachute games that can be easily played with children. MUSHROOM This is a simple exercise to get the children used to the parachute. All the children are asked to bend down and take hold... read more

String Easter Egg Craft

With Easter approaching this is a creative craft for children of all ages. Inflate an oval balloon or a water balloon. You can blow it up to just about the size of an egg or make it as large... read more

Learning Styles

Each person prefers different learning styles and techniques. Learning styles group common ways that people learn. You can become a patron of Children & Youth through Patreon. In return for your monthly support, we offer first access to a... read more

Easter Jelly Bean Poem

Another really pretty Easter craft – ideal if you’re looking for a quick activity this weekend. All you need is some jelly beans, sandwich bags, some ribbon, and card to print the template on. Template Easter-Jelly-Bean-Poem You can become... read more

Drama Warm Ups and Games

These are all games which I’ve used with groups in the past. I thought other people might find them useful too. The Wind Blows This is a good game for mixing the group up Put chairs in a circle.... read more

Group Games Ideas

Group Games Blanket Flip is a great game for team building, small groups, or on the spot volunteer game. You’ll need to blankets of the same size and type to make things even for competition. A good size is... read more

Planning and Evaluation

Planning and Evaluation I found this quite a helpful model when planning and preparing sessions with children and young people. It’s helpful to breakdown each of the different areas/zones that affects the success of a session. It also provides... read more

Easter Story Egg Hunt

Each year on Easter Sunday our children and young people have an Easter egg hunt around the groups of the church. This year we added in some plastic eggs to help us tell the story of Jesus. They were... read more

A Chocolate Nativity

This is a script for a Chocolate Nativity – to add a fun element to it you can hand out the bars of chocolate as you go along. A long time ago, God made the Galaxy – Beautiful,rich, wonderful And he... read more

Upfront Games

A collection of upfront games that can be played in a number of settings. Can also be used as icebreakers. Banana Eating “Competition” Items required: 2 young people who are ‘in on the game’, some scarves and some peeled bananas... read more

Confidence Session

This resource works really well in helping young people to see the positives in their lives where sometimes they can see only negatives. Confidence Wall Start off with the ‘confidence wall’ sheet and encourage the young people to think... read more

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